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Siargao showcases the beautiful environment, surfing, and tourist destinations of the island but forgets to carry on its splendor to the actual plot. While the film would make you want to visit the relaxing little island, it also makes you feel that there is something missing afterwards.
Paul Soriano’s Siargao is a 2017 romance film and also one of the multi-awarded entries in the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival. Written by Anj Pessumal, it tells of the story of Diego Panzalan (Jericho Rosales) and Laura Molina (Erich Gonzales) whom went to the island of Siargao to experience an escape to their problems. Diego was a popular musician, originally from Siargao, whom had a fight with his bandmates. Their fight has been recorded and became viral on social media, due to this problem, he decided to go back to his hometown. While on the plane, he met the vlogger Laura, whom went solo to Siargao to move on from her relationship. Although there was tension between them at first, due to Diego’s bad mood, they still slowly became friends.
Diego and Laura encounter each other again in a party and has been infatuated, but that’s also the time when Laura met Abi (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), Diego’s ex. Though Diego told Laura not to worry about it, a tinge of jealousy had formed. As time passed in the relaxing island, Diego and Laura eventually opened up to each other about the problems that they have faced back in the noisy streets of Manila.
Relaxing, calming, and beautiful, that is Siargao.

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