Short Summary Of Star Food By Ethan Canin

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In the short story, by Ethan Canin, “Star Food,” a boy named Dade is faced with struggles with his parents that have different points of views as his mother is an optimistic woman that wants Dade to keep dreaming. On the other hand, Dade’s father who is a realist wants Dade to carry the name and own Star Food after his father, he also wants Dade to work in store efficiently. They both wanted different things for his future, but everything changes when a poor, thieving woman enters their lives and steals from their store. The biggest question in “Star Food” is why Dade let the woman go. I believe Dade let the woman go because he felt like he wasn’t cut out for the life his father lived, and wanted to be more distinct than his strict father.…show more content…
Dade was very excited to catch the woman, he planned and waited for weeks to catch the woman Dade only stayed in the store just to see if the woman would come in. When Dade eventually caught the woman, he was quite surprised and ecstatic, during the long awaited walk to the stockroom he saw his mother crying behind the register, and his father told him that he would be there soon. “I felt good and strong” (Canin, 16). When Dade and the woman finally arrive to the stockroom he looked around and saw the sign that read “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?”(Canin, 16), but didn’t know what to say to her. Then all of a sudden Daded asks the question “Do you want to go out the back”(Canin, 16). Dade had felt very rewarding and accomplished after catching the woman, but then couldn’t do anything consequential to the woman, and suddenly thought of his
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