Short Summary Of The Book By Henriecca Skloot

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In the book one of the main points of the book was when Henrietta got diagnosed with cervical cancer. this is one of the main Contributing points of the story. The cervical cancer shows signs of unusual behavior of Henrietta cells because as stated by (Rebecca Skloot, 2000, p. 17) " Doctor Jones has seen thousands of cervical cancer lesions, but Henrietta 's was shiny, purple, and so delicate it bled when touch." As time went on Henrietta received her pulmonary results that stated (Rebecca Skloot, 2000, p. 27), " Epidermoid carcinoma of the cervix Stage 1." When Henrietta arrived at Hopkins University for cervical cancer there was a nationwide debate going on about the types of cervical cancer, there was three key people of the debate that was Doctor Jones, his boss, and Richard Wesley Telinde.…show more content…
Gey’s assistant mary was a meticulous worker Gey chose her due to her the amount of skill she had with her hands.

Rebecca Skloot (2000), “Meanwhile each morning after putting Henrietta’s cells in culture, Mary started her days with the usual sterilization drill. She peered into the cells, laughing to herself and thinking nothing’s happening. Big surprise. Then, two days after Henrietta went home from the hospital, Mary saw what looked like little rings of fried egg whites around the clots at the bottom of each tube. The cells were growing, but Mary didn’t think much of it – other cells survived a while in the lab too. But Henrietta’s cells weren’t merely surving, they were growing with mythological intensity. By the next morning they doubled Mary divided the contents of each tube into two, giving them room to grow, and within twenty-four-hours, they’d doubled again. Soon she was dividing them into four tubes, then six. Henrietta’s cells grew to fill as much space as Mary gave
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