Nick's Point Of View Of The Great Gatsby

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I finish reading this book several days ago, it’s a very classical novel wrote by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, 1925. The 1920s was a short and special period in American history, known as the "Age of American uproar”, refers to the period after the end of World War I in 1919 to the Great Depression which happened in 1929. At that time, the US domestic economic dramatically improved .The stock market during that time is particularly active, some speculators in this gamble became rich, and a person’s property became the standard that whether this person is successful. People’s all wants to earn more money as fast as they can.

The narrator of the whole story names Nick, who came to West Egg, Long Island, seeking his fortune as a salesman in a company
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As one of the member of wall street, Nick abolished the selfishness and enjoyment thoughts. After he meets Gatsby, as time goes by, Nick became his only friends, the one who really cares about him. Although seems like he is kind of person who is really easy-going, and care about nothing. However, the truth is he remembered all of those things, cannot let go. He is a round character, at the end of the story, he wrote: “so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” He finally saw through the ugliness of humanity in the end, and point out the social problem and the allusion about the “American…show more content…
In order to live in the society , he was mixed into the upper class, over the upper class life, lost many original personalities. He worked hard to build the noisy party, however, he had no interest with it. The only purpose of him to hold those grand banquets, is to draw Daisy’s attention. Gatsby 's origin is kind of mysterious, and we also know anything about how he became so rich. However, his only purpose is to let Daisy love him again.
I was touched by his infatuation. But I also feel pity about his rugged love experience. After 5 years of his separation with Daisy, both of them changed a lot with their personality. “Age of American uproar”, was responsible with their enormous changes. Daisy became a money-worship woman. Gatsby were reluctant to accept the fact that Daisy was no longer belonged to him. Although he acts like an upper class and have lots of money, but those people who born in rich family were still consider he as lower stages. Many readers consider Gatsby 's dream as a burst of American dream, however, it’s not true. Gatsby blindly chasing Daisy, and consider her as the final goals of his whole life, in the end, his dream broken. If he can see through the surface, and found the truth, the tragedy will never
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