Offred Chapter Summaries

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The story begins with a narrator (Offred) describing an old school that her and other women were held in, and how they lived. Offred tells about how her life in a series of flashbacks and the present. In the present she describes how she wishes she could gossip with the Martha's, and tells us in a flashback about her first meeting with the Commanders Wife, Serena. Gradually through the first ten or so chapters we begin to get a picture of what life is like in this dystopian America, and we come to realize that the Handmaidens, such as Offred, have no freedom and are treated as property with the sole purpose of reproduction. We meet Nick who commits an offense by winking at Offred and who is also ignored by her due to her fear of him being a…show more content…
We now observe Ofglen and Offred learning to really trust eachother, and in another flashback we learn about the fall of the U.S.A and the rise the Republic. After a shopping trip with Ofglen, she has a conversation with Serena in which they discuss pregnancy and that the Commander may be sterile, and then Serena suggests she try becoming from another man. She mentions Nick as an option, and Offred agrees despite the hatred she suddenly feels for the woman. Ofglen and Offred now attend a 'Prayvaganza'. In other words, a wedding for the daughters of Wives as young as fourteen. The next meeting in the Commanders office he gives her a skimpy, flashy outfit and tells her he wants to take her out. Offred agrees and Nick drives her and the Commander to a building where he puts a tag on her wrist and tells her that if people ask, she is an evening rental. At this club she sees Moira and she tells Offred about her attempt at escaping, and how she chose to work as a prostitute instead of living in the Colonies. In a hotel room at the club the Commander and her have sex, although the Commander is disappointed that she was not excited about a real sexual
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