Short Summary Of The House On Mango Street

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Esperanza Cordero is a young girl who lives in the small red house on mango street in Chicago,Illinois who dreams through the story that she would one day buy a big white house with spacious rooms and all to herself, “One that I could point to.”(pg.5). The book are separated through small chapters or vignettes about small clips about the main character,esperanza’s life that give small details that are important in the other vignettes. Esperanza’s life is filled with important people and impactful experiences. “The House On Mango Street” starts with Esperanza painting a picture of her new house that her family just moved into,she mentions her previous residences and why they had to leave them.For an example the Cordero family had to leave their flat in Loomis because a water pipe broke and the landlord couldn't fix it because the building was too old.She also dreams of having a house all to herself and this is a recurring theme all throughout the book,this dream of hers could be classified as one of the main conflicts in the stories.After moving in she meets two young girls named Rachel and Lucy who approach Esperanza and ask to invest five dollars to buy a bike with them,Esperanza agrees and become good friends with them,These two characters…show more content…
Sandra Cisneros did a phenomenal job on this book and she made Esperanza’s life is filled with important people and impactful
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