Short Summary Of The Third Dumpster By Gish Jen

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The Third Dumpster by Gish Jen

Every culture and society have a different way to deal with their parents when they grow old. In this story we deal with two brothers who have lived in America all their lives, while their parents have lived there for fifty years, it’s about how to nurse your parents when they grow old, do they leave them behind? Or nurse them? Or build them a house? It’s about the struggle the two brothers meets while trying to build the perfect house for their grown parents in America.

Instantly we are introduced to the two protagonists who are brothers, they have lived in America all their lives but have a Chinese background. The two brothers Goodwin and Morehouse did bought an old and a poor house on an auction for their grown parents. The brothers renovate the house so their parents can live in it, but when their parents come for a visit to inspect their work, their father tripped over a toolbox and fell as if a sledgehammer hit him. He is then rushed to the hospital so that he can get in a stable situation.

The short story is told by Goodwin’s eyes, we read about Goodwin’s feeling and thoughts about the situation he is in, and that makes the readers sympathize with him. The fiction story begins in a media res, where we are introduced to the two brothers and their situation. In the start of the story we are introduced to the house the brothers bought so they can renovate it, so their father and mother can live in it, the house in the story is the main
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