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MALLORY SCOTT, 921 Washington St., Reading, Pa. 19601, Phone (610) 320-9943. SCOTT was interviewed via telephone at his home. M. SCOTT is the brother of retired MDJ Wallace Scott from Berks County. M. SCOTT was told about the investigation by the Judicial Conduct Board involving his brother and RICHARDO PENA. M. SCOTT explained that he was once a pretty good friend of PENA. M. SCOTT went on further to explain that at the moment he doesn’t talk with his brother W. SCOTT, the Mayor of Reading. M. SCOTT said he was mad at W. SCOTT for not helping him when he ran for Mayor several years ago but “that’s another story”. M. SCOTT thought if W. SCOTT helped him, he would have won. M. SCOTT AND PENA has been friends for about 7 to 10 years. He doesn’t see him too often anymore, but they used to hang out several years ago. M. SCOTT felt used by PENA, who he thought wanted to hang out with W. SCOTT because of all his political connection. W. SCOTT was right in the middle of it in the city of Reading.…show more content…
SCOTT asked several businesses in the area if he could put signs that he was running for Mayor in their windows. They all agreed. M. SCOTT found out later that PENA wrote notes on his signs “bad mouthing” his opponents. M. SCOTT found out about the notes on the signs after they were already in the windows. The businesses took the signs out of their windows and M. SCOTT had to apologize to the businesses and let them know he didn’t write the notes. M. SCOTT told PENA not to help him anymore because he was doing more bad than
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