Short Summary: The American Revolution And The American War

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The American Revolution Started in 1775 between Britain's Colonies and the Americans. The war started with a difference over the path in which Great Britain treated the provinces vs. the way they felt they ought to be dealt with. American natives felt they merited all the rights as the English men. They needed to be free, however the British then again felt that they were made to be utilized as a part of the way that suits them, the crown and parliament. This clash is exemplified in one of the energizing shouts of the American Revolution: No Taxation Without Representation. There were real occasions that prompt the American Revolution it was gradually constructed by time. The occasions sustained the craving of being free. 1754-1763 - French and Indian War, 1764 - Sugar Act: 1764 - Currency Act, 1764 - Committees of Correspondence, 1765 - Quartering Act, 1765 - Stamp Act, 1765 - Stamp Act Congress, 1765 - Sons and Daughters of Liberty, 1767 - Townshend Acts, 1770 Boston Massacre, 1773 - Tea Act, 1773 - Boston Tea Party, 1774 - Intolerable Acts, and 1775 - Bunker Hill…show more content…
A fascinating truth; a gauge that one and only third of the homesteaders were agreeable to defiance. One-third proceeded of side with the British. The last third were impartial pestering the resistance and break from Great Britain. The Results were that in 1983 the war was over with the triumph of the Americans against the British, and the peace of
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