Short Summary: The Great Climb Of Mount Meru

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The great climb of Mount Meru
A red palanquin was climbing the steppe stairs of Mount Meru .The cold breeze of the north could not be stopped even by the thick curtains of the palanquin from entering. The palanquin relied on the shoulders of 6 muscular bearers,3 at front and 3 at back, who were covered with cotton white clothes resembling the white snow which had just stopped and started settling down . They had a crimson red helmet of hardened metal and shoe of leather with a Sigel of golden Peepal , a deciduous tree. Then, there were janitors who wore complete armour of crimson red colour and had Peepal Sigel on helmet and chest armour. The Caravan could easily be judged as royal because of the flag present at the top of palanquin. The King and Queen of Minirva were getting old and grumpy and really struggled during the climb of mount Meru because of the cold waves from north.
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The caravan moved ahead.
It was getting dark now and the Winds were getting hard and echoing of their sound could be easily heard as the caravan moved further up the mountain.
Now the janitors had surrounded the palanquin in the defence mode with spears pointing out and the speed of the caravan was reduced. Though Mount Meru was home to infinite wild life, it would be a rare case when a wild animal attached humans. This was even correct as the human race was peril to itself when it comes to thugs and Decoits that lived in the wild of mount Meru. The only source of light with the caravan were two lantern at the front and back of the palanquin which heavily float with the cold winds.
A silhouette could be felt with the caravan, which was already noticed by the janitors and palanquin bearers. But they decided to keep the information to themselves rather than confronting it to the king. They wanted to be sure before they worry their king with this

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