Short Summary: The Moose Brigade

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The Moose Brigade were cornered by the hypnotised civilians of America. Armed with pitchforks and torches the Moose Brigade didn't stand a chance. Waterfalls of sweat ran down their faces as the civilians closed in. Only their brave leader Charles stood tall because he wouldn't go down without a fight. Then a loud crash echoed through the woods followed by a high pitch scream. All the Americans covered their ears and ran around in circles then all was quiet. Charles decided to send several courageous scouts to investigate the strange noises while he collected the Americans’ weapons. While doing this he thought back over the hard month the Moose Brigade had recklessly faced. They had lost several gallant soldiers and supplies were running dangerously…show more content…
He was terrified. He didn't think he or the other animals would survive this skirmish let alone win it. Even with all the woodland creatures rallied together the Americans had vastly superior numbers at least 325 million. The Moose Brigade would be crushed like an ant under a shoe. The thought made even him shudder. Meanwhile in Washington DC Donald Trump was rallying his troops and giving an inspiring pep talk (cough not cough). “We will crack the skulls of the stupid Moose Brigade and all who try to oppose us!” hollered Trump. Charles woke up to cold sweat drizzling down his forehead. He had to compromise his plan. Maybe all the animals that liked his idea could join forces and the other woodland creatures could stay away from the conflict and preferably not interfere. So that night at the council meeting he proposed his new idea. This time most of the woodland creatures agreed so the idea was made official and the army was declared Ye Olde Forces. This time it was Donald Trump malevolent forces that were cornered. “Give up you foul beast!” roared Ye olde forces. “Or would you like us to exile you from these forests,” “You’ll be as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party!” roared Charles. Donald Trump was so scared he took the punishment of exile and he and his army retreated like a querulous
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