Short Summary: The Patriot Act

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Patriot Act I would, as a congressman, continue to fund the Patriot Act. The reason is that the security and respect of people is very important, however if you know that by searching through important documents you will find the cause of a security breach, a terrorist attack, or even far worse. This could jeopardize the country that we strive so hard to make what we have made today. When we think of safety the people is the top priority. The Patriot Act allows investigators to obtain more evidence that can speed up investigation and prevent more crime. Investigators will be allowed to see more information, they will be able to sense events before they happen so that the investigator can prevent them. The only thing that I see wrong if the officer looking up the information is not doing his job and arrest the person without criminal record of anything because…show more content…
I would prefer if someone didn’t know because there’s no point in holding a secret in if someone can find out and tell anyone they want if they so please. When we think of safety the people is our main objective to keep out of harm’s way. Without the people safety why do we even have a government? The government was mad to set rules and regulations that will sustain the society that we live in. Without safety there cannot be peace in a community/society. The peace would be disturbed and so would the people. The Patriot Act is an act that can speed up process of investigation. Investigation is an action that has taken place in United States since crime started. With that being said there is always crime. The people involved in the crime are not always caught. When there not they can use the Patriot Act to investigate and catch the perpetrator. Instead of waiting 50 years to find someone they can just look up records of a person and apprehend the

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