Short Summary: The Story Of Rupa's 'Home'

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Home is about the home of Lala Banwari Lal, a patriarch who has faith in living in a joint family. He is the head of the family and runs a sari shop in Karol Bagh. He has two children Yashpal and Pyarelal, and a daughter Sunita, who is married. The novel spotlights on three female characters-Sona, (daughter- in-law of Banwari Lal), Rupa, (Sona 's sister) and Nisha (Sona 's little girl)- who claim their identity in their own ways. The story starts with two sisters: one is attractive and the other only plain. The beautiful elder Sona is married to the elder son of Banwari Lal while the younger one, Rupa is attached to a junior Government officer of less esteem. At the starting stage the story spins around the life of Sona and Rupa before it focuses on the whole family.
Every sister believes that the other is more fortunate and everyone has more difficulties than the other. Rupa has just a spouse and a father-in-law in the family while Sona 's is a joint family. The main strain of Rupa 's life is a wicked tenant who lives upstairs in their home. He declines to pay his rent on time. They have officially spent a considerable measure of cash looking into the issue to expel him. Rupa and her husband, Prem Nath stay childless couple all through the story. In any case, she is sufficiently fortunate in light of the fact that she is not subjected to bear taunts of in-laws for having no child. Like Sona, after passing two years, Sona is still not pregnant. Her mother-in-law comments her

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