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The worker arrived at foster mom Seidy's house and proceeded to knock on the front door. The worker waited until Amy answer the door and welcome the worker into her home. The worker said good morning to Amy and Martin good morning as the worker stepped inside the house. Amy then told the worker to have a seat at the dining table while the worker and Amy waited for foster mom. Seidy came out of the room with her son in her arms and sat down in the dining table. The worker said good morning to Seidy and proceeded to ask Seidy how their weekend was. Seidy said to the worker that they had a good weekend. The worker then reach a journal out of her bag and gave it to Amy and told Amy that the journal was for her to write what ever she wants. The worker explained to Amy that if…show more content…
The worker asked Amy if the team had decided what color would their uniforms be. Amy said that it's between the color white or the color maroon. The worker then asked Amy what she likes to do for fun and what other sports Amy is interested in. Amy told the worker that in gym or when they have open gym in their high school she likes to play volleyball. Amy Also said that she likes to draw but it's once in a while when she feels inspired. Amy said that in her school they have a program were students work in the summer and get paid which is called After School Matters. Amy told the worker that the job that she is looking forward to is about art were they will paint a mural wall in their high school. The worker then asked Amy how she felt when she spoke to Lety, who is the foster parent of her two sisters ,in the CFTM on 3/20/18. Amy told the worker that she felt that what Lety told her was not sincere and also to not get in trouble. Amy did mention that she wants to leave it behind and just enjoy the time that she has with her siblings before they get
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