Short Summary: Thinking Back

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Thinking back
This essay is about a man who had an adopted son, but he was killed, probably in a traffic accident.
That son was called Willie, and together with his old wife they had Willie as their son.
Now he has a new wife and a new son. They live happily together in a house in the New Jersey suburbs.
One day he is bringing his son to a Lacrosse game and the history is reflecting about his past and current life. He recalls his life with the previous wife and Willie to be a happy life.
One day he is to take his son to yet another game he gets time to think back. Think back of when he was young. Today his son is a teenager.
They are on their way to meet the team bus at the Arena.
He gets reminded of the time back then. Today it’s cold and ark. The only light at one street is from the Bagel store where they are about to make a purchase.
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There are a lot of flashbacks. For example when he thinks back on the ice-cold benches who also felt to hot at the same time.
The ending is open. He leaves the scene and lets his son have fun with his friends.
The narrator is first person. He speaks of my return, I’m etc.
The atmosphere remains calm and comfortable.
The title Thinking back brings up a great understanding for what you are about to read.
It seems like a great way to get to know the text before you have even read it.
The man thinks a lot about his past and this fact might become important in the theme.
The theme might be how to get on when one you loved is deceased and how to get on.
His former wife and he, was asked by a lot of friends of how they coped. The truth is that it’s very difficult, especially when it’s somebody that you loved.
You have to, in order of getting on with your life, be able to cope with a lot of things. Deal with the death, love, friends etc.
While they are driving towards the Arena, a lot of memories swing by his
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