Short Summary: What Does Salvation Means?

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DAY 18: ALL ABOUT SALVATION What does Salvation mean? It’s not a word we use a lot, but it’s a big word that means a lot. Salvation is the word we use when someone asks Jesus to live in their heart, to forgive their sins and give them a life in heaven after they die. The Bible tells us that Salvation means we are rescued, or saved, because when we ask Jesus into our heart, He saves us from our sins and the punishment of our sins. It is a good word to remember, because it’s a word that changes our lives forever for those who love Jesus. On Day 6 we talked about how to ask Jesus to live in your heart. If you have never done that before, and you would like to now, or if you don’t know how to do that, we have a simple prayer you might like to…show more content…
1. What does the Bible say Salvation means? 2. What does Jesus save us from, when He lives in our heart? 3. What do I need to do to have Salvation? Dear Jesus, Thankyou for bringing Salvation to me. Thankyou that I can call on Your name (Pray) and be saved from the punishment of my sins.…show more content…
I’m glad I can trust You, and tell You everything. Amen. INSERT IMAGE: 656081536 DAY 20: JUST AS YOU ARE You don’t have to be perfect before you can come to Jesus, you can come just as you are. That means that no matter what has happened in your life, or what you may have done, you can still talk to Jesus, and love Him. He loves you just as you are right now, and He wants to help you and spend time with you. His thoughts about you will not be changed by anything that happened in the past, or anything that you may be involved with in the future. He already knows everything about you, and He loves you anyway. Jesus wants a close relationship with you always. He adores you as you are, so you can come to Him without worrying about anything, and He will accept you as you are. Joel 2:32a But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord, will be saved…. 1. Can I come to Jesus, even if I’m not perfect? 2. What if I’ve done something bad, will Jesus still love me? 3. If I come to Jesus, what will He do? Lord Jesus, Thankyou that no matter what I’ve done, You will always be ready to accept me as I am. Amen. INSERT IAMGE:

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