Long-Term Career Goal

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Books in the bookcase of our house are like International Finance, the History of Monetary and the Risk Control of Commercial Banks; topics during dinner with parents are about interest rate, macroeconomic regulatory and risk management, This is the environment that I grow up in. There is no doubt that I got interested in business and management since junior school, when I performed actively in organizations such as Student Corporation and sought help from my mother about techniques like how to make a balance sheet. I am both attracted by how data reveal an company’s operation situation and the business intuition‘s significance in a leader’s decision choice.

I have made up the decision of pursing business career very early, but I did not decide
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I believe after 2 to 3 years, I will excel proficiency in risk control theories and tools adaptation, strengthen my understanding in macroeconomics and enhance my analysis ability as well as busines sensitiveness. After that, an MBA, such as the MBA program with concentration on finance of Columbia will assist me to get a more comprehensive understanding of corporate mangement and finance as well as enhancing my perspective in risk management strategically. My long-term career goal is to be the risk management supervisor of a bank and I am quite confidence in achieving this goal based on my academic and professional…show more content…
I once talked with my mom, an outstanding professional in banking, about this topic, and learned that females could hardly be the CEO or president of a bank in China. I hope this situation could be changed in the near decade and make my own contribution. Also, that is why I participate in the Society of Women in Buisness at UIUC. Communications with friends at Chinese universities evoked my eagerness to set similar clubs in the top business schools in China. Moreover, I wish to join much more discussions on female leadership and value at Columbian and I am willing to be the leader of these

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