Short Term Goals Essay

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Transitioning from high school to college for most people can be difficult. And figuring out a major may seem impossible. throughout my whole entire life, I always stumbled, when ask what’s my short term goals what my long term goals what am I going to do with my life after I graduate college? Coming from a public school at the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex and now entering the Community College of Rhode Island I never had any realistic goals not short term nor long term also I was never sure of a career choice I didn’t know where to start or look. Although I did the Talent development program at the University of Rhode Island I struggled some asked why did you struggle? Well I was there for the wrong reasons I didn’t know where to look…show more content…
Getting all A’s and B’s means having motivation without motivation college becomes a strong for example getting up every morning to go to class or even have the energy to finish your homework soon depletes and in time is becoming a struggle and also barrier get overcome. My last short term goal would be coming to class on time ready to learn and take good notes. Waking up every morning becomes tiring feeling sluggish because all you want to do is sleep and eat let’s be honest no one wants to come to class at 8 to here a professor lecture on things I may or may not remember. As painful as that is I know if I stick it out and do what is told in that class I will be successful.
With every short term goals there should be long term goals that follows it. My long term goals are enrolling in a four-year university/college to further my education getting my bachelors and my masters and in time my PhD making that leap for my education is what it means to have a valuable education helping me gain my dream career of being in Occupational therapist helping people in need which also will lead me to have a successful life which includes owning my own house, having my dream car and having my own
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