Short Term Goals

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Growing up I did not have the easiest childhood, but the experiences I have had led me to become a bilingual educator. For example, I grew up in a one-bed room apartment with my brother and mother. The only form of transportation I knew was the bus, since my mom could not afford a car. Instead of staying home after school, we would spend the day at my mom’s job since she could not afford a babysitter. However, I never felt like we were poor because my mom always worked hard to ensure we had everything we needed. As a result, I want to take my experiences to empower my future students to realize that their background or economic status does not determine how far they will go in life. All throughout my academic career, I have had teachers who believed in me and pushed me to become the person I am today. They provided me with various resources that encouraged me to face any difficulties that come my way. As a result, I gained confidence in my abilities and realized that I can do anything I put my mind to. These experiences made me realize that not every child may have a teacher or family member who will advocate for them and tell them they “can”, driving…show more content…
My short-term goals comprise of gaining new experiences in working with families and students with exceptionalities. This will allow me to handle difficult situations better and come up with a compromise that would benefit the student the most. Another short- term goal is to continue to get A’s in my classes. The reason I include this as a short-term goal is because it ensures I understand the material and therefore will be able to implement it better in the classroom. Similarly, my long- term goal is to get a masters degree in education. This is important for my future career as a bilingual educator because it will guarantee I keep on learning and acquiring new skills to become the best possible
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