Short Term Goals In High School

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All goals are important and essential. Even smaller short term goals because they lead to the big long term goals. Every one of them make up one large dream. In my large dream of successfully graduating high school, I set gradually smaller goals to accomplish in my six periods of learning. My six periods are Anatomy, College Prep, Spanish 2, English 10 Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, and Chemistry. My first period is Anatomy.
Anatomy is taught by Nancy Stearns. The Anatomy curriculum includes memorizing parts of the body and how it functions. On Friday I will have a practical over the different parts of a sheep’s brain. In order to make a good grade I will need to study on the bus ride to North Harrison instead of listening to music or talking to my friends. I will need to continue studying until I have all of the terms memorized. These goals lead to a long term goal of
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It is taught by Katy Tiemeyer. College prep covers the basic skills used in college. These skills include note taking, delivering speeches, and goal making. A short term goal I have for this class are to review for the upcoming tests and do well on them. Another goal is to complete the homework and to turn it in early when possible. I also plan to read and understand each chapter in the college prep book titles “Power Learning” by Robert Feldman. These short term goals lead into my long term goals of passing the chapter tests, final, and the semester.
My third period class is Spanish 2 taught by Brenda Altamirano. Spanish is a bit difficult because the language has different tenses and its own alphabet. My short term goals include learning the conjugations for my test on Friday and finishing “Pobre Ana” a book entirely in Spanish. My long term goals are to make an A or higher in the class so I will not have to take the final, be able to have a full conversation in nothing but spanish, and to have memorized the conjugations for words that end in -ir, -er, and
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