Short Term Goals Of Education Essay

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My short term goals are to get valedictorian honors, graduate high school, and further my education to college to pursue a degree in elementary education. My long term goals are to graduate college, come back to my reservation and help stress how important education is. Living on the reservation is a constant battle of wanting to give up because of the hardships you face daily, but also wanting to prove the stereotype wrong. You face many obstacles especially if you want to be successful from where I live. It always feels like no matter how good you do, what kind of great idea you come up with and want to pursue, there is always someone from a distance waiting for you to stumble or waiting to broadcast your flaws.

I just want to see all my people do wonderful things with their lives. Which leads me back to why I want to get my degree in elementary education. I need to fill the younger generations with the knowledge that there is more to life than the negative outlooks of the reservation. I want them to want nothing but the best for themselves. One of my biggest dreams is to give the youth on my reservation a positive role model to look up to. Now days it’s as if we praise too much of the negatives on the reservation rather than the
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We would have fun activities, or have a talking circle if anyone would like to talk about their problems. I would want them to do that. Sports; especially basketball, are a huge thing on the reservation. Like a lot of youth I am a strong believer that being in a gym playing basketball or any sport is a huge mood booster. It’s one of my happy places. I know that by doing this, it would be a very positive thing that the youth would enjoy. My goals relate because elementary education on the reservation, getting a degree, and needing to stress how important education is at a young age are all crucial on the
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