Norwegians Among Us Analysis

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Short Answer: A1 The text that I found the most interesting is the text called Norwegians Among Us. This is because it is about the national feeling and that is something that I think is very important. Even thou this people live in the USA, they have still kept the traditions of their grandfathers. This could be very hard for some people, some from the USA may look down on them or think that they are not real Americans. In Amerika today it lives more people with Norwegian heritage than it is people in Norway. And I do not think that all these people managed to maintain their original culture. Languages is also something that I do not think is still in use . Not very many Norwegian/Americans can speak Norwegian if they have lived in the…show more content…
People have been bullied or looked down on because of their name for a long time. For many people their name is very important. Especially the native people in the different countries. We have read texts about the Sami people in school and they have still kept their old names and are proud of using it . In the text in Appendix 1 it says; Name is powerful. This is true, and also names has its meanings. Every name means something different for each of the people that carries the name. Maybe not so many people think about their name so much today as they used to do before. People have been giving name to thing as long as can be remembered . The humans have been giving names to their farms, their weapons, their kings and nicknames to the people close to them. Another thing is that we have name days. In some cultures, it is a celebration when somebody has a name day, . I do not care about it so much. We have one day a year to honour and celebrate our…show more content…
The vacation had been incredible at my parents` beach house in Italy, with my best friend Charles and his brother Nathaniel. Kingsbury High School was in the most elegant and exceptional part of London, and most of us lived in the area. I breathed the late-summer-air into my lungs. The beautiful capital of England shines through the windows in every home. It was going to be wonderful to return to school again, even though I had an awesome summer. Our teacher told us the first day of school that we would get a new boy in our class and that his name was Billy. We all had the same thought; he could impossible impossibly be from London, especially not from the same part as we did . Charles and Nate came to my locker after the first period. “Did you hear what Ms. Smith said about the new boy? His name is Billy, he is probably just a farmer from far up in the northern part of England!” Charles said. We all

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