Shortage In Nursing Care

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Jessica, I also listed staff shortages as a critical factor that influences nursing/healthcare organizations. I agree high turnover rates are often a result of insufficient staffing. According to the findings from Cox et al., (2014), “of the nurses surveyed about the increasing shortage of nurses available to serve patients 98% stated an increased stress on their nursing career, 93% an impending lowering of quality care towards patients and 93% mentioned it as a reason to leave the profession result of nursing shortages” (Cox et al., 2014 p. 6). Is is unfortunate such a high percentage of nurses feel they want to leave the healthcare field as a result of insufficient staffing. Working long shifts in stressful work environments often result in not only job…show more content…
6). I can easily say three of the places that I have been employed for in the past experienced a shortage in nursing staff. Therefore, it is easy for me to see current issue as well as the negative impacts a shortage of nursing staff can have on nurses, patients, and the healthcare organization as a whole. The Affordable Care Act has its pros and cons while increasing the number of individuals with health insurance; the con is the shortage of APRNs and Physicians. As a result of the Affordable Care Act, “The Physicians Foundation found that 81 percent of doctors describe themselves as either over-extended or at full capacity, and 44 percent said they planned to cut back on the number of patients they see, retire, work part-time or close their practice to new patients” (Kennedy, 2014, p. 1). You discussed three critical factors that I agree have great impacts on
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