The Importance Of Aggressive Health Care

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One of the most sensitive subject in the United States today that is most discussed and debated revolves around the issue of our healthcare system. Unlike the many developed countries, the healthcare system in America is not public, meaning that our country cannot provide free or affordable healthcare services to its citizens. So everyone has to pay out of pocket for their treatments or for their visits to the doctors office.Healthcare is one of the most expensive thing in the U.S, our country spends so much money on healthcare than any other country around the world. Over the last decades, no other aspect of the healthcare system has lost its shine as much as aggressive health care. Once considered to be a source of strength and pride, aggressive…show more content…
But an epidemic of aggressive medical care treatments such as too many procedures,too many blood tests provided by hospitals or clinics are costing our nation 's healthcare system billions of dollars each year. Despite being recognized to be harmful to patients and their loved ones, “aggressive care” is still administered to the majority(75%) of patients, concludes a study done by the American Society of Clinical Oncology(Johnson,2016). After watching the videos and reading the article on medical care my stance on aggressive healthcare is it is unnecessary and I am against it. What people don 't realize is that if we keep providing aggressive health care treatments to individuals suffering from serious illnesses or people living through the end of life it can take a human toll in pain, mental or emotional suffering, severe implications and even death. Most people prefer to die peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones and want care to focus on comfort, but that is not always the case for many patients who die in hospitals hooked up to hospital machines in pain and suffering to hold on for their dear lifes. Aggressive health care is not the solution to improving the quality of life for…show more content…
Sometimes aggressive healthcare can lead a patient down a path where their health goes through an upward and downward spiral because of too much care they might be receiving. Patients who are treated with aggressive care are also most likely to develop a variety of side effects or complications from the care which can lead to more pain or they might experience medical errors that come from uncoordinated care such as doctors prescribing drugs that could duplicate or interfere with other drugs(consumer report,2008). This kind of care offers little to no benefit to the patients but just more suffering. An analysis of 28,000 patients younger than 65 with advanced tumors from 2007-2014 found that approximately three-fourths received aggressive care within their last 30 days of life and one-third of patients of all the tumor types investigated died in the hospital, according to findings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology(ASCO,2016).This study just shows that it is not guaranteed that aggressive care will significantly extend a patients life expectancy but it will certainly make the process of dying more painful for the patients involved. Too much care at the end of life provided to these patients caused these patients cancers to deteriorate and

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