Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper

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Have you ever been so hungry because you didn’t have time to eat? Has that ever affected you in class? Out of a 100 student 85 said that the feel rushed or doesn 't have enough time to eat. That why kindergarten-8 students need to have a 45 - 60 minutes lunch time because it improves efficiency in class, it improves students moods, and improves students’ chances of not becoming obese. First a shorter lunch can cause your body physical harm and cause you to feel sick, light headed, or have organ problems and more. When you can’t eat all your food at lunch you can feel sick or nauseous. It is called hypoglycemia, a condition characterized by abnormally low blood sugar. In mild cases, hypoglycemia is easy to treat by eating. In some cases the symptoms can be severe or fail to resolve you could have a more serious underlying condition. Also a shorter lunch can make you pass out or light headed. This…show more content…
A shorter lunch time can be like binge eating for some people. You eat breakfast in the morning then you go to class and you become really hungry. Then you eat really fast at lunch and become hungry again at the end of the day. This causes your food levels to go up up and down when the are supposed to stay steady, which causes you to take in fat and can also cause a more intense binge eating diet. Also if you have a shorter lunch then you 're most likely to eat something fast like fast food or very quick unhealthy food. The national poll says that 3 out 5 kids feel rushed and 95% of those kids said that they would rather pick the fast unhealthy then a health meal. In summary, to improves efficiency in class, improves students moods, and improves students’ chances of not becoming obese we need to have 45-60 minute lunches. So that the 85 out of 100 student being rushed we become lower number and more student will get the food they need. Don’t you think that students deserve it and would be better in
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