Shorter School Hours

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Short breaks for light, outdoor exercises help people be more productive during the day instead of those people who don 't. Consequently, us children have to face with seven hours of school with no breaks. In the afternoon, we have no motivation to keep concentrating on our school work. This is why I want the principal to know we should be having small breaks during the school day to help us concentrate during the school day. Additionally, This will help us from becoming unfocused, breaks help us retain more information, and having shorter breaks help you stay on schedule.
One of the largest problems of no physical activity is being less concentrated. When we have no oxygen in our brain, we tend to become unfocused in our school work. With having light exercises, we will stay alert because when we exercise, our blood starts to move faster which creates oxygen. Moreover, without oxygen, we start killing our brain cells and we don 't think properly. Having the desire to think about more interesting things will then be more interesting to the child instead of education. Exercising will also help the children from becoming tired. This also related to being unfocused because the child will become sleepy. With proper exercise, children can feel energetic and want to work. Little breaks can help us retain information
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Fatigue is a large cause of procrastination and not having a productive day. Having short breaks throughout the school day can help adolescents stay on schedule. Not having breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion, because of the brain working for a long period of time. With shorter breaks, an adolescent can stay waken and progress with their day. When there is a break, the children think of other ideas instead of their current priorities. This helps them don 't become tired or bored of what they need to do throughout the day.This leads to motivation of doing their work which helps them finish all their work proficiently and work along with their
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