Shortorkie Dog Case Study

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Shorkie Overview The Shorkietzu got no hunch of their petite size and, stances like a big guy. With a stranger approaching, this dedicated buddy would bark relentlessly just to alert you. Though they can never make it to a watchdog for being tiny; still got all the qualities that attributes to an excellent one. You can always call a playful Shorkietzu an energy bomb; who loves to be around the children and grown-ups. Not only they enjoy playing with the kids, but also keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe and sound. Of course at the end of the day, they would secure their place in the owners’ lap cuddling and dozing. If you are wondering what is Shorkie and want to know more about Shorkie Poo then, you got to the right article. Just go on reading. Origin and Ancestry Shih Tzu – Yorkie dog is also known as…show more content…
They are simply attached to their owners. They want to please them and even get low when left unaided for long. Out of this severance anxiety they may end up barking excessively and tearing stuffs down in the home. Putting them into crates won’t be of much help. They may start scratching the crate and hurt themselves badly. Shorkie Poo dogs are very loyal, pleasing, friendly and trainable. They can keep your kids engaged indoors as well as outdoors. Especially the Shorkie puppies are lively and love to play with ball or just chew on whinny toys. They are cautious and would alert you if anything strange happens. Unlike, other small breeders they are not scared of strangers or other dogs. They would bark at stranger, but soon after they can be friendly. Conversely, some Shorkies suffer from small dog condition and tend to take over others. They are very social and good to for city living. They can easily get comfortable in a small apartment with or without a lawn. They do well with family especially with kids.

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