Shotgun Wedding Analysis

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Legally Blonde and “Shotgun Wedding” are very different stories; though both discuss women who change themselves for men. Carrie changes herself from a fat loser girl who loves cheesesteaks, to a successful beautiful skinny stereotype. As soon as Carrie becomes like this, she finds her fiancé Brian. Elle changes herself by pushing to become smarter so she can get into Harvard. Elle does this to win back her (ex)boyfriend Warner. Though both women change themselves to get the “men of their dreams”, they have a different outcome. While Carrie seems to still be in her suffering stage at the end of the story, Elle becomes the women she never thought she could be. She finds a guy that’s worth her time, Emmett. While Carrie seemed to have lost the…show more content…
The men in their lives control how they live and what they do. For a guy like Brian, Carrie lost weight. And then she found Brian and changed herself to fit his Plan. For a guy like Warner, Elle changed herself and tried to prove to him that she’s worth it. But for guys like Tony and Emmett, Carrie and Elle didn’t have to change. Carrie and Elle are happy when they're with them. But in the end it’s Elle who gets the guy, Carrie is still stuck with Brian even though it’s evident she will leave him. She does get that cheesesteak and says that she’s going to have to “[bid] him farewell” (85). Yet the story still ends with a cliffhanger, and Carrie’s choice is unclear. Will she end up with a good guy, a guy that she deserves, or not? In Elle’s situation, we know that she’s dating Emmett and that he’s even going to propose to her. So ultimately, by analyzing these two texts we learn that women’s happiness is entirely contingent on how they respond to men, however in the end it’s all up to the woman to choose which man deserves
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