Should 16 And 17 Year Old Citizens Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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Should 16- and 17- year old citizens Be Allowed to Vote?
16 and 17 year old citizen should not be allowed to vote, citizens are not mature enough to make big decisions. 16 and 17 year old just think about school or have fun but to vote students don 't have the capacity to think right. Students don 't care and don 't know how much a vote can give a positive impact or negative impact. People who are 18 and older are more mature and make better decisions and know what 's best for them and for others.
First, 16 and 17 year old should not be allowed to vote because they are not mature enough to make big decisions in their life’s. The article “ Takoma Park 16-year old savor his history- making moment at the polls”” by “Annys shin” says “..... county community the nation’s first to lower the voting age from 18 to 16”. This is a bad idea because some students make bad choices and if they vote their going to do the same thing. The same article writes “but Miller doesn 't have his driver 's license yet”(Shin 2). Not everyone has their driver license at that age and if they don 't have a driving license how their going to vote? Citizens are not in the right age because their just focusing in school or friends and not about voting or what is happening around them. second ,16 and 17 citizens
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Third, citizens that are less than 18 should not be allowed to vote because they 're not educated enough. “...that suggested younger teenagers are more likely to cast a ballot than their slightly older peer”(Shin 2). Maybe there 's less older people but is best to have fewer educated people than a bunch of non educated students making bad decisions. “Offering that connection to younger teens could get them into the habit of voting for their rest of their lives”( Shin 2). This is not true because if they start at a really young age after a while their going to get lazy and not wanting to vote anymore. And the age and education should matter because the future is in the
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