Should Abortion Be Allowed To Receive Consent?

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Abortions are obviously nothing to just shrug off. As the topic continues to be covered by the media and politicians, it will also continue to become an ever-present factor of people 's lives. This be good or bad depending on people 's views. But one thing’s for certain, abortion is a very serious thing that affects not just one person but many people. So, believing that such an important choice can be left in the hands of someone who is not even seen as a young adult without their parents’ consent seems to be a bit crazy. Not only that, but the possibility exists that the teenager then has a chance at becoming victim to psychological issues because the decision to get an abortion is frightening. To go along with that is the fact that abortions are still a procedure and with all procedures there are dangers of complications. That is why I believe that children under the age of eighteen should not be allowed to receive an abortion without their parents’ consent. From the mental side of this dilemma there are many aspects to look at. One aspect…show more content…
Say for instance they chose to keep the child and did not consider the amount of money necessary for properly raising a child. This is especially bad if the family has two hard working parents on either side. Then one of the two would go into a job of some sort while the other is left at home taking care of the child. But it can also be taken from the other side if they had chosen for the abortion and did not wish to involve their parents with the decision. They would then be stuck looking up online which states do allow abortions to children under the age of eighteen without parental consent if not already in one at which point they would then also need to figure out how to get enough money (price can range anywhere between zero to three-thousand dollars). So even if the child wished to go behind the backs of their parents about it there are factors that almost completely require the assistance of someone older than they
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