Should Adult Crimes Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Teenagers who commit adult crimes should indeed be tried as an adult. I believe they should be accountable for their actions and tried as adults. Babies as young as 6 months seem to know when they are doing something wrong or right. Many people don’t agree, but put it this way, if a teenager hurt one of your family members and there was no justice to what they did, but keep in my mind you will never see your child or family member anymore you just want to get justice for the person who dared to hurt your child. Many people use the phrase “ They inherit it from their parents” (Jessica p.1). But as a child, you should have goals to be better than your parents to help them later on in life. However many people are against the fact that they should not be tried as adults and be given a short sentence and tried as juveniles. Juveniles may learn from their mistakes and some may not, however because one does, it doesn’t mean they all will. And those that don’t learn…show more content…
Than why should they be tried as adults? The thing is drugs and alcohol can be taken care of at a rehab program. But hurting someone and or someone’s child scars them for life. The rate of murders by kids has indeed been skyrocketing across the country. According to the National Crime “The number of 17 year olds arrested for murder climbed 121%”. How many of teens including adults do their time and come out worse, a 68% of 405,000 prisoners release were arrested for a new crime within three years of release. With that being said how do we know weather they will change when they come out. Not only will other children be in danger but people or family members that surround him or her. A 13 year old boy shot an 8 year old girl for her not letting him see her puppy. This means the boy has a short temper if things don’t go his way he will hurt somebody. In some cases he may or may not think the situation
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