Should Adults Supervise The Internet Essay

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Should adults supervise children’s Internet access? Many adults have this question in mind. There is no doubt that there is a growing number of young children spending more time online, however, there are positive and negative consequences. In this modern and developed world, Internet has been created and modified to help people in their daily lives from school projects to socialising with friends and even playing games online. As technology and education is rapidly improving, children's technology usage has raised concerns for society but yet few acted out. It is therefore important to raise awareness to prevent more children from being harmed online. My thesis will be focusing on the main views which is social networking issues such as cyberbullying and addiction, exposure to inappropriate materials and access learning via Internet.

Majority of parents knew that cyberbullying is a new danger which can have lasting consequences but yet they are unaware of their child's internet activities. When a child is continuously harassed, dishonoured or even threatened by another minor via electronic technology, that is considered cyberbullying. Spreading false information, defamation or masquerading are also a few examples of cyberbullying that is concerning the public today. According to Luo (2009), parents are
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It is fair to say that accessing Internet provides vast information for children to build their creativity and IT skills in this current advanced digital world. Therefore, adults have the right to supervise their children’s Internet usage. However, my research is limited to several news reports from Singapore, non-fiction books and articles from United States of America(USA) and may appear biased. In my honest opinion, I

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