Should America Be Able To Fight For Freedom Essay

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In 1796, the United States of America was founded on a basic principle, the desire for freedom. Our forefathers yearned and achieved a vision of freedom of liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness. They enabled the generations that followed to live a life without religious persecutions. However, like the founders before us did in the revolutionary war, our generation like those before us and after us, have to continually fight for that freedom. America may have been founded on this premise, but for something so valuable, today 's society cannot claim to have our nation 's greatest asset without a fight. I think that America should continually have to fight for our freedom because of the abuses of freedom, how the world is evolving, and how freedom is a luxury and an honor, not a right. In our current time we live in a world of wars. These wars and those preceding them have one thing in common; freedom. Whether it be freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom from tyranny, as long as there is freedom there will be wars to fight for and against it. Wars do not necessarily have to involve guns and tanks, but can be fought in courthouses over the…show more content…
A person could argue that freedom creates its own problems and that people are at times abusive of these. However, we live in a country that has these freedoms so valued, it can be found in our national anthem. While there may be always abuses made upon it, we can only hope that the United States will always continue to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Understanding the importance of freedom and why we have to continually fight for it, is to look at all the ways it has been fought for. Whether it be religion, race, gender equality, right to vote; one thing is for certain, these freedoms came at a cost. In current times, countries all over the world are fighting for what we have. The least we could do is continue to fight for the things that make us,
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