Should America Be America Again By Langston Hughes: Poem Analysis

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Jim Crow Laws was the name of the racial categorization that affected many African Americans from the 1870s to the 1960s. Under this way of life, black were classified as second class citizens. Through this societal hierarchy, many African Americans faced hardship and prejudice. The laws influenced the nation so greatly that even scientists, doctors, and other professionals "proved" that blacks were inferior to the whites in intelligence, morality, and civilized behavior. These laws convinced people that mixed babies would destroy the nation. The Jim Crow Laws help lead our country to the Civil Rights Movement by causing disharmony within the United States. Our country was divided and only the white Americans were satisfied. The laws caused a large amount of problems for African Americans living in the cities. Many of them couldn't find jobs and had trouble supporting their families. This led to the movement by causing African Americans in the United States to stand up for themselves…show more content…
This poem emphasized that people who worked hard in building up our nation aren't being treated justly. The people whose sweat and blood were used to help create and expand our land. Langston Hughes expresses that America was never the America where every man is free, but he swears that America will be. Langston Hughes' Poem, Let America be America Again, contributed to the Harlem Renaissance by promoting an equal America. This poem emphasized that the people who help build up America was not given fair enough treatment for what their people did. It shines light on how America was never the land of the free, but it will be when people take action. In the light of the Harlem Renaissance, people of all races were appreciating the same music and literature and this poem is one of many that were
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