Should America Stand Up To Terrorism

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Terrorism is the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or public as a politically motivated means of attack according to Merriam Webster Dictionary. Terrorism, while on the rise, needs to be stopped by strong nations like America. America has the ability to stand up to terrorism with its unique strength and its limitless resources. America should stand up to terrorism by using one of the most important limitless resources, the american people. How the american people can stand up to terrorism is by strengthening their economy. Strengthening the economy will strengthen the military and money to pay for the cost to fight off terrorism. In John Kasich’s National Security Plan, he states “ Military strength requires strong economic strength”. Having such powerful and determine resources will help end…show more content…
Having America ahead of terrorists with technology will help counter or prevent there horrible attacks in America, as well as anywhere in the world. In the article Robert S. Miller(Director of the FBI) wrote, he states “ We have brought in professionals from private industry to help bring the Bureau into the digital age “. Having this advance technology will help America to stay ahead of terrorism and possibly prevent it from happening. America can also stand up to terrorism by preparing, we the american people, for terrorist attacks here and abroad. There is a method that is being taught to everyone, from the american citizen all the way up to the U.S military. In the article from the daily signal they talk about how the american people are learning this method. It states “ Today Run, Hide, Fight is taught to everyone and mandated not only by the DHS but also the FBI, law enforcement and even the military, including for its own members “. Teaching this method to the american people will help protect them and also the United

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