Should America Switch To The Metric System Essay

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The US may or may not switch to the metric system in the future, but both sides to the argument have reasonable reasons to which why Americans should or should not switch to metric. Americans protest to the change of measurement but the other half see, why not? To begin with, the French created and started with the metric system and the British founded the other system, which is now renamed and knowns as, the US customary system. America should not switch to the metric system that all other countries follow - which is known as the national system of measurement - because without it America stands out and is different from other countries, also making Americans know more since we learn and use both systems, and it will cause confusion throughout the whole nation. America is different from other nations by many things but one could be the use of measurements. The way America measures items causes America to stand out to other nations and be different from others. In the article by John Marciano, it states, “... they wanted to be their own, be different, the US did not want to be a follower like the rest of the world - instead be…show more content…
It is not necessary to switch to metric since the US already knows it while also knowing the US system. The system of measurement is like a culture which other nations have problems with but the US does not since it has its own system. Switching to the metric system could be beneficial but not such a huge necessary change that is necessary. With the US Customary system, the US could stand out from the rest of the world. It is not a follower but a leader of its
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