Should American Citizenship Be Birthright Essay

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Should American Citizenship Be a Birthright? Should American citizenship be a birthright? Yes, I believe an American citizenship should be a birthright. Anyone who comes from any foreign country should become an American citizen. People need to understand that everyone has a dream to step foot in America and live their life that they always wanted. Anyone who comes from any country wants better for themselves and family, they would want to leave the past behind and start a new life, this is never going to end millions of immigrants are going to come to the unites states one way or another also, does it matter if your parents chose where you will be born. Anyone who comes from any country wants better for themselves and family. In 2015 42.1 million of immigrants and their young children came to the United States. When people see this number they see the amount of people who need to…show more content…
It does not matter because parents can choose where their children will be born. If parents do not want their child to be born in their home country that the mother or father was raised in, it is ok to leave and come to the United States with their child. People will leave because of some family problem or crisis they are in. It is their decision to come to the United States and have a birthright citizenship in America. At the same time, parents who have children which are born to non-U.S. citizens should not be a citizen of America. Why should these children not be a citizen of America? Any child who is born of an immigrant in America should not be a citizen of America because it would not be fair because they felt bad from where their parents came from. Even though, you are born in America it does not really mean that you are a fully American. Being born in America can mean nothing to anybody because of someone they can easily say that you are not American because your parents were not born in the United
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