Should Americans Be Allowed To Vote

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The United States is known to be the land of the free, home of the brave - where citizens over the age of eighteen are allowed to express their opinion every four years in the month of November. It is a right known as universal suffrage — letting everyone vote — which defines the United States as a democracy. Unfortunately, some citizens take this hard earned right for granted and decide to not register to vote, which is allowed in our country but is something every American should take part in. Though voting is not a requirement for the American citizen, all citizens should practice this democratic tradition because voting allows the people to have a say in who or what represents them, the fact that every vote counts, and to put it simply, voting may not be mandatory but it is a right that many few people in the world have. In light of the recent presidential nominations, a lot of…show more content…
Though most countries do allow voting, certain countries such as Russia, Cuba and North Korea have a predetermined ballot - they have voting at face value but the voting of the citizens tends to have no influence whatsoever in who leads their country. Women especially should be thankful for this opportunity considering a century ago, women petitioned, marched, were arrested, went on hunger strikes, boycotted censuses and even died because they believed in the fundamental importance of the right to vote; women of today owe it to them to not squander their sacrifices, but to make full use of the right that they fought so hard for. Citizens of the United States are exceptionally lucky and should be incredibly grateful that they have the freedom vote as well as to have influence over their country’s government considering that few countries do not have the same freedom of choice like American citizens
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