Should Anabolic Steroids Be Banned

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Olympic games. However, when the early 90’s came, steroid usage become such an issue that various sport organizations began placing bans on these drugs. For example, organizations such as the MLB banned the use of performance enhancing drugs in their players in 1991. They then began testing their players urine for traces of these types of drugs beginning in 2003. Steroids use in sports have been banned due to the harsh nature it causes in the individual users. For example, “roid rage” a condition in which people tend to act aggressively after taking a very large dose of anabolic steroids regularly. Not only do steroids have the possibility of causing major anger outbreaks in their users, it can also be easily traced in the user’s urine. Now…show more content…
This is because many organizations are trying to create more somewhat harsher bans to cause players to want to veer away from the use of these type of drugs. There are two distinct sides to this controversial topic, those who are believe that there should be penalties for players using performance enhancing drugs, and those who believe there should not be any penalties for players caught using performance enhancing drugs. Those who believe there should be consequences believe that there are way too many health risk factors which plays into the use of these types of performance enhancing drugs. They also see that there is a major disadvantage in sports because these drugs gives players that use them the upper hand vs the ones that do not use them. The ones that believe there should not be any penalties for players caught using performance enhancing drugs believe that there are some beneficial health increases that the user receives when he/she uses these drugs. They also do not see it as an unfair disadvantage because these performance enhancing drugs do not magically cause the user to become amazing at what they do. They see it as an extra helping hand because the user still needs to work incredibly hard, with high intensity to have any
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