Should Andrew Jackson Be On The 20 Dollar Bill Essay

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Andrew Jackson This is a paper about Andrew Jackson being on the 20 dollar bill. The question I am going to answer is, should Andrew Jackson be on the 20 dollar bill? First of all, let 's talk about the characteristics someone needs to qualify to be put on U.S currency. I think, the person in question need to be honest, brave, a leader, and needs to fight for what they believe in. They can 't give up at the first sight of danger. They need to have done great things for America and need to be someone the U.S people idolize and believe in. It should be a person that the average citizen strives to be like. When you read my paper, you will learn facts about Andrew Jackson that either make you believe he should be on the 20 dollar bill or that he shouldn 't be. A lot of people believe Andrew Jackson should be on the twenty dollar bill, these paragraphs will explain is why. When Jackson was young when he had his first…show more content…
This next paragraph explain why people think he should not be on the twenty dollar bill. Andrew Jackson was a hot head who did stupid and outrageous things. Many people said he didn 't have a legislative personality. He would have duels without thinking rationally. When he was younger he would get drunk and get into trouble. He was selfish, he took land that rightfully belonged to the Indians and didn 't feel guilty about it. The battle he is known best for is the battle of New Orleans, he won the battle but that battle was not necessary. He was a sore loser, when he didn 't win president the first time around he accused Adams of corruption. When he became president he wanted to get rid of paper money, he hated it. Think about it for a minute, if he hated paper money, why should he be on it? He made the removal act against Indians in 1832. The Cherokee felt betrayed because they fought alongside Jackson. He forced them and almost all other Indians to move west. He put them in concentration camps. A lot of people think he is the equivalent to
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