Should Andrew Jackson Deserve To Be On The 20 Bill?

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Does Andrew Jackson Deserve to be on the 20-dollar bill? In my belief Andrew Jackson does not belong on the 20-dollar bill, due to the simple fact of that in 1836 Andrew Jackson tried over throwing the U.S national bank because he believed that hard currency like gold and sliver should be used. Andrew Jackson in some sense is an ironic placement on any paper currency in the United States. Although this topic is very controversial in the United States. I will try and clarify my belief about why Andrew Jacksons placement on the twenty dollar bill and why he should be reconsidered. Andrew Jackson during his time was considered a very patriotic politician he hated the rich, he hated the Indian, and loved the idea of slavery. It has been said that he grew up not educated and had a bad up bring but still managed to get to a high political suture. Jackson at one point was general and had a very decorated portfolio, which made sense he would become president, Andrew was most well know for “The Battle of New Orleans” where Andrew Jackson, prevented the British Army and General Edward Pakenham, from seizing New Orleans nearing the end of that war.…show more content…
President Cleveland or even any another person would be a better candidate then Andrew Jackson, for the simple fact that Andrew Jackson promoted slavery and even had a 150 slaves him self. I’m also sure that I don’t have to mention the Indian Genocide Andrew Jackson led, which is known as the Indian Removal Act that was supported by Jackson all the way as a matter of fact he was the main force behind this cruel campaign. Which ultimately lead to the trail of tears which is basically where 46,000 Native Americans where forced to go west in the worst conditions possible, which is where more then a third of their population died because of exhaustion and
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