Should Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

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Are we aware that everyday we face the risk of getting a disease or simply catching the flu? Of course that we are, that is more than sure. Because of that as humans we are trying to protect ourselves on every way possible by washing our hands after touching anything dirty, pay attention to what we eat, drink and taking different sorts of medicine when it is necessary. People need to know that the medicine which will cure them is prevously tested and would not provoke any additional problems, but have you ever wondered who or what is the object of this testing? The fact that the object of this testing are animals, which suffer and die everyday in labaratories is rather shocking. Animal testing should be banned because firstly it is unethical,…show more content…
Is this testing really needed since it is not accurate? We all know that even when we have some similarities with animals, actually we are totally different meaning that the medicine the proves effective on some animals may not give the same results in humans and the other way round. It is sure that there will also be differences in side effects caused by various medicine in animals and humans. Even when some medicine proves effectiv in animals how can we be sure that it will have the same effect in humans? We can never be sure meaning that we will have to do other testing and then other and where will be the end? We are living in the 21st and it is for sure that subjecting animals to painful testing and experiments is no longer needed since we have alternatives such as bio-engineering and computer modeling which prove to be quite successful. In my opinion since we proclaim to be the smartest species on the Earth, capable of thinking and making choices, we should think and make the right choice about animal testing, it should be banned because animals even if they cannot talk for themselves, deserve the right of living a life without fear and pain. The results of this testing will never be enough accurate and even if it is animals are capable of feeling and you would not want to feel the pain that they
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