Persuasive Essay: Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned Animal testing also known animal experimentation is a process whereby non-human animals are used to conduct experiments. There has been an increase of animal testing in the field of biomedical research. Due to this, animal testing has become an extreme controversial topic that has created a division among different groups, of those who are supporting the process and those who are opposing. Therefore, there are ongoing debates on whether animal testing should go on or it should be banned. Some groups argue it is ethical, while others insist that the process is unethical, and there is a last group advocating for alternatives in the testing other than the use of animals. Animal testing should be banned because it is an unethical process that subjects animals to so much pain. In addition, it should be banned because, it is inaccurate, unreliable, and its benefits to human beings have not yet been fully confirmed by the current research. Animal testing should be banned because it is an unethical process. According to statistics, about 128 million animals which include guinea pigs, cats, rats, hamsters, dogs, frogs, hamsters, dogs, …show more content…

It is obvious that, animals are physiologically, metabolically, and anatomically different from human beings, therefore, they will react differently from human beings. Consequently, how can results from animal experiments be reliable and work on humans yet thy react differently? It is possible for the tests to fail on humans because of the anatomic and metabolic difference. And using them for experiments so as to use the same experiments on humans is very wrong. Let us stop this cruel procedure on animals because we are denying them a normal life yet, it is not yet proven that after the process is done on animals, and it can work well with human beings (Lund et al.

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