Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

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Should animal testing be banned?
1 Imagine spending your whole entire life in a cramped cage, just like a prisoner, no matter how fear or discomfort you were or how loud you agonize from death, there would be no family or friend to lend a helping hand to you. You even lacked the strength to truss up a chicken, having freedom of movement and control over your own life will be nothing more than a fantasy. What you were only waiting for are being injecting various types of viruses by someone or being dissected lively. At last, your spinal cord might be smashed or severe skin burn might result. What could save you from being tortured was only death. However, this are exactly the lives of animals in a laboratory. I am sure that this is already frightened
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The World Charter for Nature states that, “Every form of life is unique, warranting respect regardless of its worth to man, and, to accord other organisms such recognition, man must be guided by a moral code of action,” which simply explains we should respect all organisms. There is one thing that everyone of us cannot deny is that animals do have feelings, they do feel the pain and experience pleasure, as every human being does. Being part of the world, animals do deserve equal rights which should definitely be honored and respected by everyone of us. Although with the existence of animal testing, the desire and curiosity of scientists are satisfied and technology is stimulated, they regard numerous lives of animals as nothing. In 2015, 767,622 animals (with no rats or mice) were already sacrificed for experiments. Despite the surprising numbers, the only one law that regulates animal researches is Animal Welfare Act. But how ludicrous this law is that cannot restrict the types of experiments scientists perform. Not only is animal testing have unreasonably loose law enforcement, the abuses faced by the animals in the experiment procedures are also unimaginably cruel and horrified. The animals are confined and isolated in a barren cage with all rights being deprived. Breathing in toxic fumes, implanting electrodes to the brain, repeatedly breeding, exposing to radiation and testing various drugs to infecting diseases are just a few items on the list that they have to face. Skin burn, blindness and brain damage are some usual consequences happened on them but the most common one which can put their pain to an end is death. Try to put yourself into others’ shoes, it is no doubt that neither you or I are willing to experience this kind of cruel persecution. In order to save animals from pain and to respect their basic right of surviving, animal tests should
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