Should Animal Testing Should Be Banned?

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Should animal testing be banned? 1 Imagine spending your whole entire life in a cramped cage, just like a prisoner, no matter how fear or discomfort you were or how loud you agonize from death, there would be no family or friend to lend a helping hand to you. You even lacked the strength to truss up a chicken, having freedom of movement and control over your own life will be nothing more than a fantasy. What you were only waiting for are being injecting various types of viruses by someone or being dissected lively. At last, your spinal cord might be smashed or severe skin burn might result. What could save you from being tortured was only death. However, this are exactly the lives of animals in a laboratory. I am sure that this is already frightened or terrible enough just by imagine the above picture in just a second. Therefore, under no circumstances should animal testing to be continue allowed no matter in the aspect of ethics, resources availability or reliability of the researches. 2 In fact, animal testing which used more commonly medical and cosmetics these days is known as a kind of scientific experiments which a live animal is purposely forced to undergo some studies, examples include injecting harmful substances, exposing animals to radiation or surgically taking out their organs out for carrying out other in-depth investigation. The number of animals used in researches per year and worldwide is unconceivably high and difficult to estimate. Take one of the

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