Should Animals Be Banned In Zoos?

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Are animals getting trapped into prisons, or taken into sanctuaries? People have argued over many years about how animals shouldn’t be caged in zoos, though others have also argued that animals are safer in zoos than they are in the wildlife. Though it is true that animals belong in their more natural habitats rather than man-made habitats, perhaps some are safer behind cages than to be let out into the cruel world. Zoos should still have the ability to bring animals into their zoos, especially endangered ones. Allowing zoos to continue on with what they do can allow them to prevent endangered species from going extinct, have animals receive proper care from experts, and allow people to educate themselves with the wildlife around them, and learn more about what the world really does hold. First things first, one of the most vital things a zoo can do to help animals is to rescue animals from extinction. For example, in the first article, “The Impact of Animal Protection,” it states that “These programs have helped bring several animals - black-footed ferrets, California condors, red wolves, golden lion tamarins, and others - back from near extinction over the last 30 years,” It also states that “People cannot build or hunt in those areas, and rangers are there to watch over the animals,” This clearly supports the fact that saving animals through inhabiting them in zoos is highly efficient, and that the animals there are safe. Despite zoos “entrapping” animals in their own
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