Should Animals Be Enclosed In Zoos?

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Should Animals be Enclosed in Zoos? Zoos may be a fun entertainment for humans but for the animals it’s a different story. Zoos should not keep animals captive. When animals are put in a small-enclosed area, bad things start to happen. These animals do not experience life the same way as they would in the wild and do not get the skills they need for when they are released back into the wild.
In zoos, the animals quality of life is not the same as it would be in the wild. In the wild animals are able to roam freely. When they are placed in a small-enclosed habitats this changes their living condition extremely. This causes health concerns for some animals. According to The New York Times, Dr. Georgia Mason and Dr. Ros Clubb have recently found out that, “ The problems- including high infant mortality and a tendency to pace around and around in the cage-are directly related to the size of the animal’s home range in the wild.” This proves that some animals are not getting the proper living conditions they need in order to be healthy and survive. Animals that are placed in these habitats do not get the skills they need for when they are released back in to the wild. James Owen for National Geographic News in his article, “Most Captive-Born Predators Die If Released” shares information from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, “The odds of animals such as tigers and wolves surviving freedom are only 33 percent.” The same article also mentions animal behavior

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