Putting Animals In Zoos Essay

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Is putting animals in captivity good for them? What happens to animals in captivity? Would it be just better to leave them in nature? Putting animals in captivity has long been an argument and people often question if it is actually good for the animals or if it would be better to help them if needed and then let them back into nature. And although there are benefits for animals in captivity, it could also be very bad for them. Zoos can be like prisons for the animals inside them, also living in a zoo could restrict natural behaviors that an animal would usually need, and also animal habitats have gotten destroyed and as a result, people put the surviving animals in zoos when in fact there is a much better alternative.
Zoos can be like a prison for animals. In the article “Do Animals Loose in Zoos?” it references that a zoo is like a prison for an animal, and that is the truth. Animals need room to soar and run and play around and instead they are kept in a cage all day and aren’t given a lot of room to move and play around as they would please. When animals are confined they
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Animals need their space to roam and swim and play, but in zoos animals are kept in cages and are restricted and that has a negative impact on animals and could jeopardize their mental health and happiness, also living in a zoo can restrict animals from learning their natural behaviors that they need and is not beneficial to them, also habitats get destroyed every day and instead of putting the surviving animals in zoos, sanctuaries or nature parks are a better alternative, they keep the animals safe and sill give them the opportunity to live the life of a wild animal. If there is a better alternative to putting animals in a zoo where they aren’t forced to do tricks to entertain people or where they aren’t restricted from learning their natural instincts in the wild, why aren’t more animals going
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