Should Animals Be Kept In Captivity Essay

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We all know the excitement of waking up on a Saturday morning and taking a family trip to the zoo! Walking around the zoo seeing the animals that you can’t see everyday. Well to think that your fun family trip to the zoo is supporting the captivity of animals. Animals should not be kept in captivity because the animals will suffer from boredom and stress, the population of wild animals decrease, and we are teaching people that keeping these animals locked up for our entertainment is acceptable. Do you think of that when you go to the zoo?

One reason why animals should not be kept in captivity is if zoos are teaching our children anything, it’s that imprisoning animals for our entertainment is acceptable. The One Green Planet website did a study of how many kids are actually learning at zoos and its says “Researchers interviewed over 2,800 children after they had visited the London Zoo, and 62 percent of them showed no indication of having learned new information about animal or environmental conservation. The report concluded that visiting a zoo can, in fact, produce a
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In the wild, these animals might have trouble finding mates and breeding. Journey North Article says “When a population drops dangerously, captive breeding can boost numbers. Captive produced young can sometimes be released into the wild where populations have diminished or disappeared, yet where suitable habitat remains to support them. For example, the very low numbers of wild Whooping Cranes caused biologists to try safeguarding the species through captive breeding.” This shows that captive breeding programs can benefit animals by increasing the population of endangered animals. By breeding these endangered animals, zoos are increasing the lifespan of species everywhere and giving animals a longer chance of

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