Argumentative Essay: Do We Need Animals In Captivity

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Did you know that Seaworld’s parking lots are bigger than the areas where they keep their whales? This and other examples are why animals should not be held in captivity. Animals should not be held in captivity because of the inhumane treatment, lack of education for kids, and loss of freedom. The first reason why animals should not be held in captivity is because of the inhumane treatment. In many zoos, animals are forced to live in prison-like cages for a large portion of their lives and are deprived of food. Harsh treatment like this can lead to aggressiveness and psychotic behavior. In the documentary Blackfish, which is a film that informs us about what really goes on behind the scenes of Seaworld, a killer whale named Tilikum had been deprived of food along with another whale. Tilikum was a new whale at the park and was training with an…show more content…
Animals in zoos are just locked up in cages and have nothing to do and nowhere to go while animals in the wild are free and are allowed to roam wherever they please. What if we would just leave animals alone and let them roam free? When I was younger, I remember going to the zoo and seeing the alligators in their area just laying there looking tired and bored out of their minds. In the article “Humans in the Wild, Animals in Captivity” written by John Leland, “Working in the winter months, she photographed giraffes in rooms painted to look like open savannas, and visitors taunting the animals to get them to wake up and perform.” Leland was talking about a photographer named Viviana Peretti who would take photographs at New York zoos and aquariums, and her conclusion was to observe the exotic behaviors of humans in the wild. This one photograph she took shows how these animals are so deprived of freedom. To conclude, the loss of freedom is also a major issue in zoos and is also another reason why animals should not be held in

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