Why Do Animals Be Kept In Zoos

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Albert Einstein, the world-renowned physicist once said that, “Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” He believes that all living creatures, people and animals should be free to roam. Therefore, I share the same viewpoint as him and agree that the place for animals is in the wild, not in the zoos or circus. Zoos are defined as a facility with usually indoor and outdoor settings where living, typically wild animals are kept especially for public exhibition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Firstly, animals should not be kept in zoos or circuses because the place that they are staying in may resemble their habitat and there…show more content…
In zoos, natural hunting and mating behaviours are almost impossible due to regulated feeding times. These animals are supervised closely and they lack privacy as well. An Oxford University study, which was based on four decades of observing animals in captivity comparing those in the wild found that animals like cheetahs and polar bears shows most signs of stress in captivity and therefore suggested if these animals were to be really kept in enclosures, the standards of the enclosure should be improved drastically or they should just be released in the wild. Additionally, another survey that records 4500 elephants both in the wild and in enclosures found that the median life span for an African elephant in a zoo was near 17 years but in the wild it was almost 56 years. This is greatly caused due to their poor mental health. Another Daily Mail article also states that the noise that human makes also affects the health of animals especially those who are receptive to noises, like the rhinos. Rhinos can pick up sounds down to 4 hertz but humans can only hear noises from 20 hertz onwards, therefore noises that humans make near their enclosure may put them off breeding, on the long run it will also lead to their ears getting hurt due to the “high-pitched” noise that they consider. It is stated on a BBC article that social deprivation is stressful for…show more content…
This would mean that they would not need to fear the risk of being hunted anytime by their predators. Additionally, they will be fed by the zookeepers and do not have to fret on how they are going to find food for themselves. For example, wild tigers live to around 12 years old however in zoos they can live up to 20 years old. Based on an article published on the Guardian, a good zoo will provide care and protection and also let the animals have a quality of life as high or higher than in the wild. These zoos go to measures like planning their enclosures flawlessly, from altering the temperature to placing certain objects that resemble the original habitat, such as twigs, logs to look like a forest. The zoos do put in a stupendous amount of effort in ensuring the comfort of the animal. If the animal belongs to an endangered species, then it will definitely be better if it is kept in the zoo, so that they would be kept in a secure environment with a higher chance of surviving for a longer period of time without having to face other life threatening dangers like extreme conditions or any predator hunts. The circus would also provide food and other necessities for the animals to ensure that they do not starve or go thirsty as they would be needed to put on a performance after all for the audience. Therefore, places like zoo and circuses may indeed be

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